Divorcing with Dignity

As a child therapist, I found that the quality of the parents’ divorce profoundly impacted the child’s functioning and that the quickest way to alleviate the child’s symptomatology was to help the new family system function more effectively. Thus, I provide an array of services that are designed to help with the transition to a new, well-functioning family system.

Individual Treatment: Research has found that children’s long-term functioning after divorce is directly correlated with the parents’ mental health. Thus, I provide individual therapy and divorce coaching to help individuals transition through this difficult time and find the new normal.

Consultation: I consult with divorced parents to help them work through difficulties that they are currently having with their co-parenting plan. I strive to facilitate a respectful conversation that is focused on the children’s needs.

Divorcing with Dignity Group: The group will not only provide community and support to those going through divorce, but it will also teach concrete skills for co-parenting and moving your life forward one step at a time.